Florida campus activists shut down white supremacist

Organized resistance shut down a recent white supremacist event at the University of Florida, where activists opposing Richard Spencer drowned out his presentation by shouting slogans like "Nazis are not welcome here," and throngs of protesters outside chanted "Black lives matter" and "We don't want your Nazi hate."

AFT faces steep challenges with Native American educators

When it comes to marginalized students, Native American populations are among the most needy in our nation. That's why a strong delegation of AFT members and staff attended the National Indian Education Association conference, offering resources and learning more about how to help native educators address the unique challenges they face.

A helping hand from Florida to Puerto Rico

Central Florida residents could easily be forgiven had they simply pulled back and tended to wounds in the wake of Hurricane Irma's deadly force. That hasn't been the case in places like Orange County, where members of the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association are mixing warmth with mettle and extending a helping hand to displaced Puerto Ricans.

AFT defends regulations against sexual assault and fraud

Four AFT leaders defended crucial protections for college students at a Department of Education hearing, demanding that officials stop threatening to repeal regulations such as those that help deter sexual assault on campus and others that hold for-profit colleges accountable for fraud and exploitation.

AFT activists press Capitol Hill for strong school funding

Dozens of AFT members and leaders broke away from their divisional meetings in Washington, D.C., to fan across Capitol Hill, visiting the offices of lawmakers on key House and Senate committees and sharing stories about why Congress must adopt a federal budget that provides the kids in their classrooms with services and programs that truly prepare them for life.

Standing for victims of disasters in Mexico

In a somber display of remembrance, the AFT, with the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, held a vigil for the victims of the recent earthquakes in Mexico and also lifted up the 43 teachers in training who were disappeared from the Mexican state of Guerrero on Sept. 26, three years ago