End of the Year Union Luncheon

Please enjoy a few shots from our EOTY Luncheon.  We were grateful to have a powerful presentation from the volunteers at the Eastern Service Workers Association.  If you would like more information on their group, what they do, and how YOU can help contact them at 609-695-9562.  Through our commitment to donate to them yearly, we know that we are supporting the rights of those who are vulnerable, one of the hallmarks of a strong union!


Charting a way forward

AFT President Randi Weingarten and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi addressed AFT leaders at the union’s legislative conference this week. Both outlined their plans for the years to come.

Students or dollar signs?

Chicago Teachers Union members at Acero charter schools made history this week, launching the first charter school strike in the nation’s history. More than 500 teachers and support staff at Acero’s 15 schools have been in contract negotiations for over six months and have been working without a contract since early October, when their previous agreement expired.

Our Conversation with Steven Spielberg

To commemorate the 25th anniversary and rerelease of “Schindler’s List,” Steven Spielberg joined AFT President Randi Weingarten to discuss the legacy of the movie, its impact on Holocaust education and how to teach kids to understand and respond to hatred in our communities today.

Faculty, stripped of union, face new employer

Faculty at Kean University’s campus in China will soon lose their union representation and face threats to their academic freedom when their official employer becomes the Chinese government. More than 100 faculty could soon fall under a regime notorious for human rights abuses and repression. “This is an outrage,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten during a press conference Nov. 29. “By outsourcing [their] governance he is basically taking away the rights of American workers and jeopardizing their safety.” The AFT is calling for an investigation.

From blue wave to union wave:

Leading up to the midterm elections, AFT members cared, fought, showed up, voted, and ran for office—and we won big on Election Day. But we didn’t stop there. In three separate union elections this month, workers from Washington, D.C., Connecticut and Rhode Island have voted “union yes” for a voice on the job through the AFT.

#CountEveryVote: Our children are watching

The AFT has been on the ground in Florida, where elections for governor, U.S. senate and other offices have been so nail-bitingly close recounts have been required. With complications including broken voting machines, power outages and lawsuits, vote count monitoring has been an essential tool to ensuring that every vote counts, and that the integrity of the democratic process is preserved. This historic election is also a teachable moment, and educators across the country are using resources from the AFT’s Share My Lesson learning platform to make sure the next generation of voters is informed and ready for future challenges.