End of the Year Union Luncheon

Please enjoy a few shots from our EOTY Luncheon.  We were grateful to have a powerful presentation from the volunteers at the Eastern Service Workers Association.  If you would like more information on their group, what they do, and how YOU can help contact them at 609-695-9562.  Through our commitment to donate to them yearly, we know that we are supporting the rights of those who are vulnerable, one of the hallmarks of a strong union!


AFT will defend democracy and rev up the vote

Maybe you’ve heard the founding slogan of the AFT: “Democracy in Education; Education for Democracy.” AFT delegates brought their passion and intellect to the convention floor on Sunday as they exercised their democratic values, voting to approve the three top resolutions from our union’s Politic

Action on Resolutions

AFT delegates adopted dozens of resolutions on the convention’s closing day. The resolutions focus on a wide range of issues that affect members in all constituencies, and some address national and international issues of importance to the union and to our vision for the country.

Top AFT officers are re-elected

The election results are in, and AFT delegates have re-elected their three leading officers: President Randi Weingarten, Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson and Executive Vice President Mary Cathryn Ricker. Weingarten was first elected in 2008 and so marks her 10th year as president. Johnson was first elected secretary-treasurer in 2011, and Ricker was first elected executive vice president in 2014. In addition to the leading officers, 43 AFT vice presidents were elected.

Women’s Rights Breakfast honors activists across generations

Spanning generations, the Women’s Rights Breakfast showcased the strength of AFT women regardless of their age. Organized by the AFT Women’s Rights Committee, which honored Hillary Clinton https://www.aft.org/news/our-hero-and-champion-hillary-clinton earlier in the convention with its annual Women’s Rights Award, the breakfast featured Living the Legacy awards for AFT members who have served 50, 40 and 30 years at the AFT and in their communities.

Pellegrino to AFT members: Run for office

New York State Assemblywoman Christine Pellegrino is riding the wave as union members set out to run for political office. A grass-roots activist, an elementary school reading teacher, a leader of her state’s opt-out movement, a delegate for Sen.

Teachers running for office encourage fellow educators to run

The protests and walkouts in Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia and other states this past year were a catalyst that has led to a historic level of educators nationwide running for office this election season. In fact, nearly 300 AFT members are jumping into the political arena, a sign “that we are pushing back against austerity measures, public school closings and cuts to vital public services, said AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson during a Sunday session on the political activism of members, which highlighted AFT members who are running for office.

Delegates speak with one voice on labor, economy

In unanimous votes across the top three resolutions submitted by the Labor and Economy Committee, AFT delegates have decided to invest in our future and fight austerity measures, launch a national campaign to highlight the debt crisis in America, and support the rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

Delegates proclaim immigration policies are ‘crimes against humanity’

Immigrant issues have been at the top of the AFT’s agenda for some time now, but family separation and the incarceration of young undocumented children at the border have elevated their urgency to crisis level. Today delegates passed a special order of business declaring the AFT’s “horror and outrage” at the treatment of undocumented immigrant children and calling for “total repeal of the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policies and indefinite family incarcerations.”