Take the survey: Prevent rogue colleges from exploiting students

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is once again failing students by allowing for-profit colleges to run amok, this time attacking the gainful employment rule—a measure designed to ensure that the education colleges offer their students actually prepares them for “gainful employment,” that is, a well-paying job. As part of the effort to push back, the AFT is surveying members who are applying to schools that may be guilty of hiding statistics around career success among their graduates.

#CountEveryVote: Our children are watching

The AFT has been on the ground in Florida, where elections for governor, U.S. senate and other offices have been so nail-bitingly close recounts have been required. With complications including broken voting machines, power outages and lawsuits, vote count monitoring has been an essential tool to ensuring that every vote counts, and that the integrity of the democratic process is preserved. This historic election is also a teachable moment, and educators across the country are using resources from the AFT’s Share My Lesson learning platform to make sure the next generation of voters is informed and ready for future challenges.

Help us end deaths at the bus stop

A series of crashes near school bus stops has killed at least five children this month. AFT members can help fight this tragedy. It’s easy to launch our Stop for the Bus campaign, using tools to plan and enlist help from local businesses, churches, and nonprofits. For info, email psrp@aft.org.

Yes, safe patient limits will save lives

AFT nurses are on the ground in Massachusetts to get Question 1, a ballot initiative backed by the Massachusetts Nurses Association passed. The initiative would require hospitals to limit the number of patients to nurses in a hospital. The nurses ha…