AFT town hall hosts Elizabeth Warren

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took questions from teachers and other AFT members at an AFT Votes town hall yesterday, describing her plans to lift up working families, make college affordable, cancel existing student debt, provide universal child care and preschool, raise the wages of preschool teachers and child care workers and create a wealth tax to pay for it all. AFT President Randi Weingarten introduced Warren, praising her record as a former public school teacher, attorney and professor and calling her a long-time “friend of students and educators and nurses” who is “on the side of the vulnerable and the side of those who don’t have power.”

PSRPs: Sticking with the union

It was a time for solidarity, and from hundreds of first-time attendees all the way to our union’s top officers, everyone at this year’s PSRP conference showed how tightly they’re sticking with the union. PSRP chair Shelvy Abrams and AFT President Randi Weingarten showered love on members who enable schools and colleges to run smoothly.

Communities devastated by natural disasters call for immediate aid

Alexis Underwood was one of many people who came to Washington, D.C., on May 1 to call on Congress to pass legislation to provide disaster relief funding. A coalition of advocacy groups, including the AFT, took part in a “day of action” to give people from states devastated by natural disasters an opportunity to meet with their congressional representatives to ask them to support disaster aid for all communities in need.

Safe care, safe work major focus at 2019 healthcare conference

In healthcare, corporatization and consolidation are on the rise, and nurses and health professionals are often the only ones standing between their communities and a healthcare system that puts profits and other interests ahead of patients. That’s why this year’s AFT Nurses and Health Professionals professional issues conference was brimming with ideas and solutions to address the issues connected to this trend.

Early childhood support requires adequate staffing

Some of education’s biggest problems come with its littlest students. At a working breakfast for paraprofessionals in prekindergarten, early childhood and Head Start, members swapped strategies for solving problems. Their discussion came during the AFT PSRP conference last week in Las Vegas, where paras from all over the country zeroed in on professional development and adequate classroom coverage.