Memoranda of Agreement

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is a document outlining the cooperative terms of two entities to work in partnership on certain listed projects, or as a general partnership. The agreed responsibilities of the partners will be listed and the benefits of each party will be listed. As a part of the agreement there is usually a list of binding terms that makes the partnership a cohesive unit and often there is an obligation of funds attached to certain terms in the agreement.


Important MOA’s


If you are looking for our most recent MOA regarding the electronic submission of promotion applications, please click HERE

More information on the full time faculty / librarian promotion process can be found on the ACADEMIC AFFAIRS WEBSITE.  The most recent document can be downloaded by clicking here MOA-105

Information regarding the 5-year review for tenured Faculty / Librarian can be located 5-year Review Proces 

For a listing of all other existing TCNJ Memoranda of Agreement please use this MOA-Index

Frequently Requested MOA’s


MOA 103 – Electronic Submissions of Promotions Applications

MOA 104 – Compensation for the Development of Online and Blended Courses

MOA 106 – Revision of Electronic Submission of Promotion Applications (MOA #103)